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Climate Looms Large Over Biden’s First State of the Union. Will the Coverage Say So?

Ukraine is rightly top-of-mind, but this evening journalists should also make room for the environment in their coverage of the president’s address.

Andrew McCormick

Will the Fight for Hegemony Survive Climate Change?

Even if China were to become the preeminent world power around 2030, the accelerating pace of climate change would likely curtail its rise within decades.

Alfred McCoy

Extreme Drought Is Crashing Food Production Whether Russia Invades or Not

In a world increasingly feeling the effects of climate change, the media must examine the role climate can play in igniting and inflaming conflicts.

Mark Hertsgaard

Covering Climate Now

The New York Stock Exchange

ALEC Is Driving Laws to Blacklist Companies That Boycott the Oil Industry

The American Legislative Exchange Council has drafted legislation modeled on efforts to block divestment from Israel.

Chris McGreal

Getting Personal About Climate Change Made Me a Better Reporter

Journalists need to start demanding solutions and stop worrying about bad-faith critics.

Sammy Roth
How Exxon Is Leveraging Texas Courts to Silence Its Climate Critics

How Exxon Is Leveraging Texas Courts to Silence Its Climate Critics

America’s largest oil firm claims its history of publicly denying the climate crisis is protected by the First Amendment.

Chris McGreal

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