US Civil Rights: On the Road to Freedom

Jackson, Little Rock, Memphis, Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery

Cuba: Havana to Viñales

Explore Cuba with The Nation on a journey specially curated for the progressive traveler.

Native American Voices

Meet with community and tribal leaders and seek insight and understanding into some of the pressing political issues, passionate activism, and rich diversity of Native American cultures.   

Colombia: Looking Forward/Looking Back

Join us as we return to this captivating country.

Contemporary & Imperial Morocco

Immerse your senses in the vibrant sites, sounds and scents of this intriguing country.

Uncovering Egypt: Past, Present and Future

An unparalleled cradle of human history and culture.


About The Nation’s Travel Program

Our mission is to design singular excursions for our community of adventurous, intellectually curious, and open-minded progressives. We support the communities we visit and we purchase carbon offets to counter all emissions.

The new year brings hope for a return to some of the things we missed most since early 2020. Here at Nation Travels, we have been busy working on a full schedule of departures for 2022.

Our tours will follow strict Covid safety protocols and we will require vaccination for all of our tour participants and tour staff. We are also developing new closer-to-home itineraries and adding departures of our most popular programs. We are offering flexible cancellation terms through spring 2022 tours. Register now and hold your place on one of our popular programs and you can cancel with a 100% refund up to 60 days prior to departure. 

We are available for any questions or concerns that you may have and can be reached at 212-209-5401 or [email protected]. We look forward to connecting you with exceptional travel and learning experiences once again. In the meantime, see our complete list of tours and start planning your own post-pandemic adventure.


The Nation has been hosting unique travel experiences for our readers and supporters since 1998, when we launched our annual weeklong seminar cruise. Our mission has always been to design singular excursions for our community of adventurous, intellectually curious, and open-minded progressives. Every journey is carefully curated—on a Nation tour, you will experience each culture in a meaningful, conscientious, and provocative way. Our editors and staff leverage The Nation’s international network to gain access to local political and cultural leaders, and to construct an itinerary available nowhere else. 

Nation Travels specializes in unusual destinations.  We focus on parts of the world where our governments are sometimes at odds, yet where there is much to learn and experience. Our genuine hope is that citizen-to-citizen contact will lead to more productive engagement. We carefully design all of our trips to enhance this goal. We partner with the most experienced tour operators in every country, and our trips offer excellent value—reasonably priced tours featuring unparalleled local guides, excellent hotels, exceptional meals, and memorable entertainment.

Most importantly, The Nation’s travel programs help fund our journalism—the independent, values-driven reporting you can’t find anywhere else. In these times of tough publishing economics, we’re thrilled to offer these trips in support of our mission, along with the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience the world with kindred spirits. 

We started our land excursions in 2014, when, after 16 years of successful cruises, The Nation applied for and was granted a special people-to-people license to host educational trips to Cuba, well before the Obama administration relaxed US travel restrictions to the island. Since then, we’ve hosted almost 20 trips to Cuba, bringing close to 1,000 people to the beautiful, fascinating country with an itinerary specially curated for politically sophisticated travelers. In the last few years our program has grown to include unique journeys to Iran, Russia, Colombia, Vietnam, India, Jordan, South Africa, and a Civil Rights tour of the U.S. south resulting in several extraordinary sold-out trips.  In May of 2019 we launched a fascinating program featuring Native American Voices, a road trip covering the Dakotas, Colorado, and New Mexico.  New destinations are being planned for the months ahead.

We invite you to join us for a transformative travel adventure.

100% of the proceeds from our travel programs support The Nation’s journalism.

The Nation purchases carbon offsets to cover the emissions generated by our travel program in order to help mitigate effects on the climate.