Even Pro-Lifers Help Loved Ones Who Need an Abortion

A new study shows that those who call abortion murder are still willing to lend a helping hand, when things hit close to home.

Katha Pollitt

Build Back Never

President Biden’s State of the Union address, rewritten at the last minute to focus on Ukraine, showed no signs of a new direction for domestic policy.

Aída Chávez

Why Gerrymandering Keeps Me Up at Night

The power to redraw political lines for a decade is something that should concern anyone who cares about our democracy.

Christina M. Greer

Latest in Politics

First Texas Came for Pregnant People—Then It Came for Trans Kids

First Texas Came for Pregnant People—Then It Came for Trans Kids

The fact that Texas got away with its assault on reproductive rights helped lay the groundwork for its amped-up attack on trans rights.

Elie Mystal
Biden speaking

Climate Looms Large Over Biden’s First State of the Union. Will the Coverage Say So?

Ukraine is rightly top-of-mind, but this evening journalists should also make room for the environment in their coverage of the president’s address.

Andrew McCormick
Trump Putin Vietnam

The Coming Republican Civil War Over Russia

The crucial debate goes on hold during the invasion of Ukraine, while Republican realists remain MIA.

Jeet Heer

State Politics


Boston Reds Players League

Lockouts, Strikeouts, and Baseball’s Missed Opportunity

Learning from the 1890 Players League.

Robert Ross
The Bold New Campaign to “End Poverty in California”

The Bold New Campaign to “End Poverty in California”

Poverty isn’t an individual choice—it’s a collective one. And just as we choose to perpetuate it, we can choose to abolish it.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
FDR with cabinet

As Child Tax Payments Expire, Struggling Families Are Desperate

Congress could get inspiration from the tortured creation of Social Security.

James Roosevelt Jr., Henry Scott Wallace, June Hopkins, Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall and Harold M. Ickes

The Right

The Presidency

Biden Pentagon

Take It From JFK—Appeasement Over Confrontation

Displays of presidential toughness aren’t what our nation needs right now.

Andrew J. Bacevich

Biden Has Chosen Ketanji Brown Jackson for a Reason

Yes, Jackson’s nomination fulfills a historic promise. She’s also a legal superstar who’s long been considered a top contender for the court.

Elie Mystal

Biden Is Fine With Mass Civilian Death

The hoarding of Afghanistan’s foreign reserves is a striking example of the administration’s capacity for brutality.

Chris Gelardi




Vlad the Inhaler.

Steve Brodner
Doctors hold

The Plan to Save Californians $117 Billion a Year by Switching to Single-Payer

Why is universal health care seen as prohibitively expensive when the status quo costs far more?

Michael Lighty
March for Reproductive Rights

We Need to Do More Than “Protect ‘Roe’”

We have to address the structural barriers that prevent people from accessing their right to an abortion, including systemic poverty and racism.

Katrina Kimport

Coronavirus and Politics

A man with his back to the camera waves a Canadian flag in front of a protest

A Working-Class Uprising in Canada?

The organizers and money are from wealthy right-wingers, but the “Freedom Convoy” touches broader popular discontent.

Jeet Heer

Why Teachers Are Dropping Out

Covid and the culture wars have turned an exodus of teachers into an emergency.

Jennifer C. Berkshire

“Return to Normal” Has Pushed Schools to a Crisis Point

How do you run a school without enough staff?

Belle Chesler